Jun 23, 2008

Juneteenth shooting .. Where is the outrage

We in Minneapolis have become way to use to this. Where is the outcry from the public and elected officials to address this issue of crime and violence?
One of the great things about Minneapolis is the fun outdoor activity that makes up life in the summertime. This sort of stuff really “kills” the joy of these types of events, and I choose my words here very carefully. What does it take for the “elected” in this town to become serious about this violence problem? Remember the Cole murder? Maybe this incident was another “I didn’t mean to cause any harm”. If these animals that did this on Saturday get caught they should be locked up and the key thrown away. It would not only stop them from ever doing again, but also prove to others thinking about doing the same that society doesn’t put up with this type of behavior. If this isn’t done we will continue to experience this over and over again.Consider this a calling out of Mayor Rybak, City Council members, County Board, State and Federal Representatives and Senators, and Judges. The Minneapolis Shadow challenges to take clear, decisive, and public action to properly address the problem of the violence that grips this city.

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Kevin from Minneapolis said...

If they local pols hadn't been sparked into action before the Juneteenth shooting, they certainly won't be now.