Sep 22, 2008

Rise in bicyclist accidents … and they want to change the laws to allow them to brake the current ones

Here is yet another example of how the wrongheaded thinking of the “elected” from the City Of Minneapolis can endanger peoples lives. As most of you have either heard or seen the increase in the number of recent meet and greets between bikes and cars. Yet we have our glorious “elected” officials at the state and city levels wanting a change in the laws to allow bicycles to blow thru lighted intersections and stop signs. This is a reckless disregard for the lives of people who use the self-propelled mode of two-wheeled transit. Too often have I been witness to bicyclists disregarding the rules and laws of the road and ending up almost getting turned into hood ordainments. On the other hand the argument of putting up bike paths everywhere to get bikes off the road doesn’t wash either. Common sense and a respect for the rules and laws of the road will go a long way to keep people safe. Changing the rules will get people killed.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Motorists should look out for and respect cyclists. Cyclists should not flaunt the rules of the road (which apply to them too). Both cyclists and motorists should respect pedestrians right to cross the street in crosswalks (which, by the way, are the extensions of sidewalks on either side of the street and are not legally required to be painted), and jaywalking pedestrians should at least acknowledge that they are jaywalking and not do it when traffic is trying to move.

Bill Lindeke said...

The rise in bike accidents is a direct result of the rise in biking. More people bicycling because of high gas prices, and it's just an energy efficient way to get around. (The same thing is happening with motorcycle accidents.)

The answer to these injuries is to design streets that overtly accomodate bikes, cars, and pedestrians. Our streets today are designed ONLY for cars, without adequate safety provisions for other kinds of transportation. This will mean that most drivers will have to slow down in residential / denser neighborhoods. The fewer 40 mph speed limits, the fewer fatal accidents.

Bill Lindeke said...

More info on bike accidents (

It seems paradoxical but the more people ride bicycles on our city streets, the less likely they are to be injured in traffic accidents, say injury experts who will speak at a forthcoming cycling safety seminar in Sydney.

Local and international research reveals that as cycling participation increases, a cyclist is far less likely to collide with a motor vehicle or suffer injury and death - and what's true for cyclists is also true for pedestrians. And it's not simply because there are fewer cars on the roads, but because motorists seem to change their behaviour and drive more safely when they see more cyclists and pedestrians around.

Studies in many countries have shown consistently that the number of motorists colliding with walkers or cyclists doesn't increase equally with the number of people walking or bicycling. For example, a community that doubles its cycling numbers can expect a one-third drop in the per-cyclist frequency of a crash with a motor vehicle.

The Minneapolis Shadow said...

Thank you for your comments.
Regarding Bill's comment. Yes there is more bike traffic, but the rise is at a high rate than the increase in number of riders. For the last ten years there has been an increase in the number of bike accidents at a much higher rate across the country. There has been a growing disregard for the rules of the road by bikers over that same point. I've seen the national stats on this, but sorry I don't have the link to it right now. Stay turned, I'll see if I can find them.

The Minneapolis Shadow said...

It's all about following the laws.